On Why God Created Us

I will exalt you my God the King, and I will bless your name forever and ever! Every day I will bless you, and I will praise your name forever and ever. O God, help me understand, I pray, why you created the universe, including human beings, including me. Continue reading

On Loving God

Magnus es Domine et laudabilis valde. So began that well-known saint his justly-celebrated Confessiones. And indeed you are great, my Lord, and exceedingly praiseworthy! There is none like you, none your equal. And how could there be, O God? For you are before all other things, indeed their very Creator, עשׂה שׁמים והארץ (“Maker of heaven and earth”). Continue reading

Reasoning about God like Jesus

What is God like? There is no more important question. According to Jesus of Nazareth, God is the Perfect Father. Whatever else Jesus taught or did not teach, there can be no doubt he taught this. This is plain to all who are the least bit acquainted with the ancient Christian documents, especially the Gospels. Continue reading

The Ultimate “Theology Hack”

The dictionary defines a “life hack” as “a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.”

Here’s an example of one such “life hack” (I found this by searching “life hack” in Google images):

Power Scrub Life Hack

Continue reading

Does the Atonement of Jesus Prove Jesus is God?

An argument one sometimes comes across for the idea that Jesus, a man, is somehow also actually God as well is this:

Only God can atone for sins; ergo Jesus, who atoned for sins, must, in addition to being a man, also be God.

I do not find this argument compelling for a number of reasons. Continue reading

How Did I Get Here?

Recently, an old friend of mine, upon reading some of what I have written on this site, expressed his concern that some of the things I have written are a “departure from orthodoxy.” He asked what happened to me since he knew me last that had led to these views. Copied below are the two emails I wrote him in response to his email. I have edited the emails, removing things of a more private nature. Continue reading